Kush Choudhary

I got Vision to work upon and My Dreams to be Chased.
I aspire to bring a Positive Change in my and others lifestyle.

Simplicity at it's best and Complexity at it's notch, I am Perfect in both 😉

Skills I love to Work with and holds good Self-Experience

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Will Keep Updating 😃


Highly Expert. I can code any application with it

Ethical Hacking

My way of Thinking makes me Exceptionaly Better than any one else in this field. I have explored a lot of things in programming and hardware just to master the Art of Exploitation


Knowledge of Vulnerabilities and Exploits Outside of Tool Suites


I am highly skilled in devloping Algorithms for genric or new arising problems


Sometimes I am a lazy person! I simply love to Automate Big humpy process, You can get idea from my Projects :)

Graphical User Interface

Before web devlopment I use to work with GUI only :)

Web Scraping

I love to work with projects involving scraping of data or related work.


Downloads YouTube video or full playlist in Resolution of your own choice. All formats and Resolutions are supported.
Project is now deprecated as PyTube has devloped issues after YouTube's latest update.


Project is under work.


It was a private project but initially made Public. It was my first data breach that compromised data of 20k+ students. Data is avialable to me only and is stored fully Encrypted.
It hasn't been uploaded on GitHub yet.

Please Visit My GitHub account to see complete project lists. Current Number of Projects(Public): 30+

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